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Fast-delivery analytics on a video:

  • Delivery time: 12 hours after video and thumbnail drop-off on weekdays 7 pm PST / 10 pm EST. Weekends and other dropoff times available with advance notice.
  • Delivery format:
    • Video, split into 2 screens
      • Top screen input video
      • Bottom screen emotion & attention charts
  • Returned data, second-by-second:
    • Emotion category: What emotions did my audience have?

    • Emotion intensity proxy: What intensity did my audience have emotions?

    • Engagement: How engaged was my audience?

    • Exact screen element: Which exact element on the screen (part of screen) generated the reaction?

    • Retention chart: predicted YouTube retention chart [after 3rd purchase from same channel]


Thumbnail analytics included:

  • Returned data:
    • Sight speed: How quickly does my thumbnail gets seen against other thumbnails

    • Exact thumbnail element: Which exact thumbnail element draw the audience's sight?

    • "Normal looking" duration: How much time the audience spent looking at my thumbnail?

    • "Concentration" duration: How much time the audience spent concentrating at my thumbnail?

Video analytics

  • You will receive a link after the checkout where you can upload your content to be analyzed.

    For thumbnail analytics, 6-8 thumbnails are required. This is tipically 1 target thumbnail and 5-7 "competitor" thumbnails (e.g., the thumbnails of your competitors).

    For video analytics, 1 video is required.

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