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3 Step Process


Pick solution and audience

Pick your selected solution under "Shop" and give us the details of your target audience.

2 minutes effort


Upload content

Upload your content to be analyzed. Based on your selected service, this might be thumbnails or both video and thumbnails.

2 minutes effort


Receive analytics

Receive the analytics within 12 hours. Under "Product" see a demonstration of an example output. 

12 hours or less wait time

What happens in the background?

During the 12 hour wait time neuro- and data science does their work

We pick the right audience

We pick the right audience based on your requirements, such as age, gender, geography, interests...etc. For bigger channels we can be more specific, such as Subscribers and fans.

We collect the data

Neuroscience does its work. We show your content to the pre-selected audience and capture their reactions with neuroscience tools.

We crunch the numbers

Data science (AI) does its work. We clean the data, ensure high data quality, run our AI models, and translate the raw neuroscience data to a language that is easily understandable.

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