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Increase your views

by testing videos pre-release

Understand your audience's emotions, engagement, and more

with just a click, delivered in 12 hours

Let data take your channel to higher grounds

Increase your CTR, AVD, APV, like, subscribe, comment, and purchase ratios by understanding your audience better through neuroscience and data science tools


Improve your click-through-rate by understanding how your thumbnail compares to other creators' thumbnails, and what thumbnail element drives attention

Like, subscribe, buy

Get your audience to be more engaged by placing the call-to-action at the part of the video when the audience is the most likely to react


Increase your average view duration and average percentage viewed by understanding frame-by-frame and screen element-by-element what drives emotions, engagement, attention and more

Abstract Lines

Neuroscience and data science
meet YouTube videos

The technology is built on neuroscience and data science tools, made possible for wider applications thanks to the recent advances in AI, computational speed, and cloud technologies.

The technology is guaranteed to give accurate results due to careful sample and sample size selection, data cleaning, quality control, and mathematical modeling.

Data provided


Video audience metrics tracked


Emotions tracked


Vision-based metrics tracked


Hours fastest delivery time

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